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The Dance of Binaries-
A Research Project

Modelling a binary setellar system using Python - an 8 week online research project (Intermediate Level)

Registrations Open

Starting 20th October

  • Estimation of orbital period using period 04
  • Radial Velocity exstimation using Gaussian Fitting
  • Modelling a Binary System using Pheobe (real-world data: modelling to estimate stellar and orbital parameters
  • Binary Evolution using MESA (simulation: theoretical evaluation software)

image of hand reaching for the planet Saturn

Graduate Certificate Program: Astrophysics and Cosmology Track

An immersive project based learning experience

Duration: 12 weeks

  • Module 1: Astrophysics
  • Module 2: Cosmology
  • Module 3: Project

Beginner-Level Micro Courses

Experience our 30-day courses and kick-start your journey in exploring the universe!

Astrophysics in 30 days

Cohort: Oct 20th

Want to take both courses ?

Opt for the Graduate Certificate Program along with project!

Cosmology in 30 days

Cohort: Oct 20th



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