The Thinkers' Club

Learn to think like a scientist

A 3-month experience to expose kids to unique and exciting domains in Science, Technology and Mathematics.

Age 10+

Choose between online and offline mode. Science clubs now in societies and schools across India!

A 12-day program to explore 4 exciting topics!



Discover the wonders of our Universe! Dive into planetary systems, stellar physics and learn how astronomers observe the most distant objects in space!



Learn about the frontiers of space exploration! What does the future hold and what are the latest technologies? From rocket propulsion to life in space, we explore possibilities together!

Experimental Science

Experimental Science

Unravel the Secrets of Nature with do-it-yourself activities. Observe, hypothesize, deduce! Learn to think like a scientist and build small projects.

Introductory Programming

Introductory Programming

How can we use the power of code to simulate nature? Let's build exciting games and animate objects with basic programming.

An online summer camp with engaging hands-on activities

Bored of passive learning and watching YouTube videos? This camp is more than just a bunch of talks or lessons! We help children learn through simulations, model-building and games. Get your hands dirty, and learn through experimentation!

Next online batch starting soon!

Science Camps at your doorstep!

Celebrate your first summer outdoors. Organize a Thinker's Club camp at your community or find a camp close to your home.

Do you live in a society or apartment? We can conduct our preliminary workshop and camps close to your home. Contact us now!


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