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Data Science and Machine Learning

Learn to harness the power of data and solve real-world problems! Learn fundamental skills in Python and Data Science, and apply your skills to unique problems that matter! Whether you're interested in analyzing the world's oceans or trends in CO2 emissions over the last few decades, work on a project that inspires you and master essential techniques along the way. With experienced scientists guiding your work, join a diverse peer group and learn to work on multidisciplinary research!

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Physics And Astronomy

Unravel the secrets of nature! From particles to quasars, traverse the depths of the cosmos and discover the underlying physics. Naxxatra's Physics and Astronomy Wing is dedicated to research-level projects in unique domains such as Quantum Field Theory, Data-Driven Astrophysics, Astrobiology, and more! With a diverse panel of mentors from around the world, join us in learning physics for the pure love of it.

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Life Sciences

Enter the world of the Living! Here we use a scientific lens to explore the smallest building blocks of life, and the interconnections of scientific domains to better understand how life emerged on planet Earth. Biotechnology, Computational Biology, Astrobiology, Biochemistry and Genetics are some of the subjects we plan to explore in our upcoming projects! Join hands with a network of researchers and experience practical, guided programs to help improve your core skills.


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