Offline Workshops at the IISc Campus, Bangalore

Hands-on workshops with mini projects

Certificates Included!

Observational Astrophysics Workshop

A Hands-On Data Driven Astrophysics Workshop

27th, 28th August

Registrations open

Play with Astronomical Data! Join this hands-on workshop and get a complete guide to the basics of Observational Astrophysics! You will learn to process data, categorize Astronomical objects, and learn important software skills required in data-driven applications.


  • Fundamentals of Multi-Messenger Astronomy
  • Coordinate Systems and Luminosity
  • Studying Distant Stars
  • Measuring Cosmic Distances
  • Using the EM Spectrum to observe the Universe
  • Observational tools and techniques
  • Python basics, Visualizing FITS images, and more!

Build a Radio Telescope

Grade/Level: Intermediate-Advanced (Ideal for 11th/12th std students as well as undergraduates)

3rd, 4th September

Registrations open

Build a radio telescope! A 2-day experience of Radio Astronomy filled with discussions and hands-on activities. Assemble a radio telescope and learn the fundamentals of instrumentation, observational Astrophysics and RF electronics.


  • Fundamentals of Multi-Messenger Astronomy
  • Sources of Radio
  • Processes in the universe producing radio waves
  • Instrumentation basics and observational techniques

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